Four stages of learning to be successful

It is highly correlated with how our mind is programmed. It is necessary to understand and put them into action to improve ourselves.

Unconscious Decision:
Even upon knowing about the effects of our decision and action, we used to choose the wrong one.
For example, We know how we waste the time spending on Social idea, yet we tend to click one post/notification but end up spending hours and hours.
The average human spends 10 hours per week on Social media.
Can you provide one valid reason which will get improved with spending 10 hours on Social media? Of course, we all know the answer.
Another example: Spending unnecessarily on products.
If we go shopping planning to buy one product, many times we will not buy that product sometimes even forget why we went out and bought many products that don’t help us in anyways making us spend on unnecessary products.
Our brain is programmed to get diverted too soon. Our brain needs 8 seconds to completely switch one thought to another. If you are studying and if you think about sports for 8 seconds, we will forget about the studying thought completely. That is the reason why we should switch off our Wi-Fi when doing something important. We spend a lot of time/money on unnecessary things unconsciously.
The solution to the problem is only to act on the plan which you make and never do anything important if it’s not planned. Wait for sometime before making the big decision.

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Poor Conscious Decision:
Poor decision making is one of the points which can be definitively fixed by anyone when they decide with little more time.
Most of the time we spend money/time consciously but later feel bad about that.
We would have bought many products online as per the ads’ recommendation. Later would have never used the product.
Always wait for at least 24 hours before spending on anything unplanned. Our minds will get conscious and make the right decision.
On average people spend more than 20% of the overall spending on unnecessary products which they will not even use twice.
Always wait and delay your gratification when it comes to spending money or time.
People used to spend a lot of money on pay per view, which can be seen just 2-3 hours later. If you are not doing so well financially do not spend on any of these unnecessary spendings.

To be successful in life

Practice planning:
One of the most important actions that should be performed daily is to plan.
Planning and sticking by the plan is the most difficult task. To explain more on this, are you the person who wakeup once the alarm rang?
95% of them will not wakeup and it is normal. We will not wakeup unless it’s not necessary. This is because we are not taking ourselves seriously. One more possibility is improper planning expecting us to have very little sleep time.
Always plan realistically and stick to it. This will be your first step toward success. There is no easy way to become successful than taking ourselves more seriously even when no one is monitoring. If you are following your plan even when it is not necessary then we are close to success and it’s just a matter of time. Split your daily activities into 4-5 points and try to complete the task by end of the day.
Good habits:
Try to plan when you are drinking coffee. This will help you re-visit the plan multiple times in a day.

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Make your action to habit:
We will start the day by brushing our teeth. This action is not a planned one but it’s our habit. Similarly, we need to make sure that we should follow all our good actions into a habit. Like working out at least thrice a week for at least 15-20 minutes.
Create your schedule and them into action regularly and this will become our habit. I can promise you that once you follow your advice for 2-3 years continuously then you will be successful in your life. Once it becomes our habits, all our good activities will be part of our life even when we are not planning on doing the action.

Good Habit:
Make your bed once you wake up in the morning. This will help you complete your first task of the day.

Make sure that you know these 4 things while performing any action for 2 weeks, you will see the improvement.


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