Self development Journey and Investing

Being a software engineer in a Indian IT consultancy for around 6 years with no real scope of improvement. I am going to explain my journey on what I did to develop myself in the past 6 years.

To give a small background about myself, I am always an above average student with grades above 80% in schools and colleges. I always wanted to be more than 90% but it never happened till now.

I studied Electrical engineering in college and I wanted to do majors in IIT or wanted a good job in Public sector with very good pay. So I studied for GATE examination for 3 years and wrote GATE for 2 years. Both the time I just cleared the examination with very less percentile. It was no sufficient enough to make it to IIT or Public sector. So I quite preparing for GATE and thought of starting a business in the side to make good money. Being a newbie and no family business background, I failed to even setup a shop.

I started investing in stock market as soon as I started receiving salary. So I was having 3 years of experience and thought to doing the stock market investing as my side gig. Made some money lost some money and never made any money to become successful. Even tried market consultancy and made some cash, not enough to make it as a full time. Made around 10,000 per month which is not enough and I got bored of doing it.

To make it big in Stock and investment banking, I was looking for oppourtunity. There was no option available in India, being in Engineering background. So found a way to do CFA (USA’s investment banking certification). Gave two attempt and failed both the times and stopped myself from attempting third time as it is really draining my time being working at full time job and being married.

After above mentioned failures, saw a lot of youTube videos and read self improvment books. Digital marketting business was the best way to start something new which will help me being successful. Started making videos in Stock market and Microsoft Office , uploaded as a course in Udemy. Udemy was not that crowded as now. So made decent money of arund 4-5K per month. I really liked this model because I have work once and I will get money or generate revenue for atleast 3-4 years(Lifetime for some authors based on content). I got around 60,000+ students now after I started making videos on WordPress, Python,API, Scraping, Data science and Artificial Intelliegence.

I am making enough progress making 50% of my current salary in Udemy and other digital business. think I will reach a point making these side gigs as my full time business. I read a lot and started my blog 5 months back to create awareness about personal finance and started sharing my struggles and solutions to overcome them.

Please do not lose hope and start seeing all Web series across the world to waste your time happily.

Happiness is a mood, it is not a destination.

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