Why we should learn about personal finance?

To become financially stable and live a comfortable lifestyle throughout the course of life, one needs to have good financial knowledge. 

Financial knowledge means knowing about our finances and spending habits to design a plan for lifestyle. It includes planning of income, expenses, investment, debts in best possible manner to improve the state of living of a person. 

This blog is about helping people understand the need to financial planning and why everyone needs to plan their financials. 

To live a standard Life style for a person through out their life, it is highly recommended to have good financial planning and execution to continue living in the same lifestyle. Big enemy to a financial planning is the inflation. 

To start creating a plan, a person should know their short term, midterm and long term target. Financial planning varies from person to person. 

The requirements of 25 year old person is completed different from 60 year old. The needs will vary from person to person and also based on their ability to take risks on capital. 

This blog will help you understand how to plan your financial life and help to execute your plan. 

Here we will have discussion on these below mentioned details: 

  • Financial planning 
  • Types of Investment 
  • Debt market 
  • Equity market 
  • Insurance 
  • Currency market 
  • Commodity market 
  • Tax 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Hot finance news 

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