10 Things about Stocks Buyback

Buyback is a process of a company buying the open shares in the market to reduce the outstanding stocks in the market. This will be decided in the quarterly or annual board meeting of company stockholders. This ultimately shows the company’s confidence in its value.

Cash-rich companies tend to buy back the shares at a premium(more than the stock price) from the market. This will create more demand for the stock as the supply is reduced and investors can sell the stock at a premium value. Many times stock buyback gives a company better value compared to dividends.
Many times stocks will be bought back from their employees to reward the values, this applies for both public and private companies.

Buyback in the future increases EPS(Earnings per share) helping to increase the companies valuation.
The buyback will be done if the company’s forecast for cash requirement is minimal. Mostly only grown companies will provide buyback.

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If the company needs to buyback shares from unhappy investors, then they can have a buyback even at a discount rate (This is applicable more in private companies).

During the buyback, companies may have a fixed offer for stock or provide a tender offer.
Fixed offer means the stocks will be bought back at a fixed price (In general 5-10% from the current price)


A tender Offer means the number of stock will be bought from the market at market price. This is like purchasing from the market but every seller will know who is buying and the price will increase as we know someone is buying a huge stack in the company.

Advantages for the company is that market has made provisions for the company to artificially inflate the price 10% higher, then automatically the price will be inflated.

If you know the company is going to do a buyback, try to add the stock to your portfolio for a 2-6% return in a month.

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