Broadening Wedges

Prices follow two up-sloping trend lines that broaden out.  Breakout happens when the price breaks the trend line in downwards/upwards

Facts: Throwbacks hurt performance. Patterns with heavy breakout volume perform better.

Beware: Beware of the pullback. If 2 continuous lose is higher than previous close, then exit the trade.

Highly volatile after breaking out.

Expected movement: 20% in the downside and 29% in the upside.

Broadening Wedges, Descending

Price follows two down-sloping trend lines that broaden out. Breakout is upward. It is Short-term bullish reversal.

Facts: Throwbacks hurt performance but breakout day gaps help. Tall patterns perform better than short ones. Patterns with a falling volume trend perform better.

Expected movement: 15% in the downside and 20% in the upside.

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